Why is Springhill Sod Farm unique?

To begin, we get our irrigation water from the East Gallatin River and because of our proximity to that water, we use less commercial fertilizers. We also emphasize organics. A little more time is needed before Springhill sod is ready for harvesting, but the results bear a stronger and healthier sod with no scrap.

Sod without waste!

When you order a given amount of sod from us, that is what you will get — sod with no waste. Our propagation techniques yield a soft, dense, thick mat that just feels good to run through with your bare feet. Try it!

Impressive services from every aspect!

When you combine our environmental policy with our outstanding customer service, prompt delivery on any size order, and our one-acre parking lot for easy pick ups, it is easy to see why Springhill Sod Farm is your only choice for sod.

We are your top-notch sod provider in the Southwest Montana region!

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