Exclusive tips for sod installation
  • Before ordering your sod be sure you have graded and leveled your site to your satisfaction
  • Be certain that the ground is free of any weeds or grasses
  • Be prepared to water, either with underground irrigation or garden hoses and sprinklers. The ground should be dry the day you lay the sod
  • Start by laying out a straight line of sod either off the house foundation or from a deck, one end to the other

  • The next row of sod will start with a half piece, so that the sod will lay in a brick like fashion, staggering at the seams
  • The most efficient way to lay sod is for one or two people to stay on the ground on hands and knees, fitting the sod together. Meanwhile, the rest of the group will drop the rolls of sod in the line about every five feet. It goes really fast!
Watering your sod

As soon as you can, start to water. A lot of water is required in the beginning to saturate the ground. You will have to maintain that level of water to keep the sod from shrinking! Test the soil after you have been watering for a day or so. Gently walk out a little way onto the grass and peel back a corner of a piece of sod. You should be able to stick your index finger into the mud up to your third knuckle. If you have that much mud underneath then you are doing a good job!

Remember to lay your sod within 24 hours after you’ve got it home. Sod is extremely perishable!


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